Dissertation writing is a comprehensive consulting service for our company’s specialists. A comprehensive turnkey dissertation consultation service is the maximum assistance of our scientific consultants with significant experience in teaching and research experience in the process of your independent preparation of your dissertation research.

As part of the provision of writing a dissertation proposal service, you will be offered assistance in resolving a number of organizational issues related to the choice of an educational institution, entering graduate school, passing candidate minimum examinations, appointing a loyal and interested scientific adviser, formulating and choosing the topic of your future scientific research. Practical assistance will be provided and consultations will be given when you prepare your dissertation paper. A complete package of related documents will be collected and properly executed.

Cooperation within the framework of the service in question ends at the stage of protecting the scientific and qualification paper you prepared in the dissertation council and sending your personal file to the expert council to approve the decision of the dissertation council on assigning you the degree of candidate of sciences.

When making your choice in favor of receiving a comprehensive turnkey dissertation consultation service, you can be sure of providing you with highly professional advice and in obtaining reliable scientific material of high quality. A complete package of legal documents has been developed for you, defining the circle of our securities and a guarantee of obtaining results.

Our work in the framework of the provision of writing dissertation abstract services, the turnkey dissertation is a whole range of organizational activities. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that any of the listed papers can be performed at the stage when you come to us with a study that is already written with your own hands.

  1. Choosing an educational institution and facilitating admission to graduate school in the specialty you are interested in or attaching by the applicant to refine and defend your candidate dissertation. Collection of documents, preparation for passing entrance exams, information support when writing an essay;
  2. Assistance in the appointment of a “loyal” and interested scientific adviser who is ready to work with you during the preparation of your scientific qualification paper;
  3. Conducting training and assistance in passing the examinations of the candidate minimum. Including attachment by the applicant for exams without mastering the course of disciplines in the program for the preparation of scientific or scientific-pedagogical personnel in another university
  4. Assistance in the publication of your scientific articles in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals included in the international scientific citation database Scopus and Web of Science;
  5. Participation in conferences with the publication of theses of your reports in collections of these conferences.
  6. Assistance in obtaining positive feedback from reviewers on your research paper;
  7. Organization of your pre-defense;
  8. Assistance in choosing an authoritative leading organization, in appointing opponents and in receiving from them certified positive feedback on your scientific paper;
  9. Training and counseling in order to successfully pass your state final certification;
  10. Obtaining in the required amount of positive feedback on the abstract of your dissertation;
  11. Preparation of qualification paper for defense in the dissertation council, collection and execution of documents, binding, printing and distribution of abstracts;

The cost of the service is commensurate with the volume of the proposed work. Terms, conditions and procedures for the provision of services are always discussed individually and in each case.